Why Local Marketing is a MUST for Your Creative Agency

Local is that market that many people sniff at – why bother with local when you can go global? Like to increase sales for your creative agency? Read on.

The internet has made it incredibly easy to reach a global market; you can work with clients in Melbourne in the morning, Amsterdam at lunchtime, and Los Angeles in the afternoon. Because it has become so easy to work with clients all over the world, it is just as easy to overlook a market literally right in front of you: local.

Local is that market that many people sniff at – why bother with local when you can go global? Well, going global is fine if you can effectively market and serve a global market, but the local market can often be an untapped goldmine. How? Here are four ways local marketing can increase your sales.


People Like Face-to-Face Contact

Especially when they are spending a large amount of money with you. Skype and Zoom meetings are all well and good, but nothing beats shaking hands with the person you intend to do business with. That’s why huge companies fly their employees around the world to meet with prospective clients. The local market gives you a way to offer this kind of top-level experience without needing a huge expenses budget.


Relevant Client Base

Your company will know the local area better than anyone else. You know the feel of the area, the local trends, what fits in, what offers a good juxtaposition, and what just clashes. This is the kind of insight someone on the other side of the world can’t offer. If you’re opening a restaurant in Soho in London but hire a designer in Austin, Texas, they may have no experience of what kind of shopfront will resonate with the locals. This is where a local business has a huge advantage.


Create Community and Strong Relationships

Working with local clients and businesses will give you the opportunity to make strong, real-world relationships. These are people who will cheer for your business and may ask to partner with you for a project for one of their clients, or you may attain local government opportunities. That’s the kind of local support any fast-growing agency could do with.


You May Find a Niche

If you can dominate a niche, whether global or worldwide, you will be extremely profitable. Local areas offer a way to find a niche that companies elsewhere in the world can’t see. You may find a group of local businesses who are so underserved by businesses that when you help one, they tell all the others. That’s the power of local marketing, word of mouth is still alive and well offline as well as on.


The best thing is that you can use all the same online tactics to find local clients. The PPC (pay-per-click) rate for ads is often much cheaper, your social media will work for your local clients just as well as your global clients, and you can utilise online directories so you’ll appear in local searches. You can list your business with us here.